PizzeRizzo is now open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

This location was formerly Pizza Planet, named for the restaurant from Toy Story. While there may have been a few game cabinets in Pizza Planet, it was exceptionally more boring than its namesake from the big screen. Theming was practically nonexistent in this quickservice outlet, and the food was unexciting: I remember my pizza being dry and bland. The location did not have an alien claw machine, either, which is the most disappointing aspect of all.

When Disney announced that Pizza Planet would close and be retooled to a Muppets-themed restaurant, I was not sad. When it became clear it was a Rizzo themed pizza restaurant, I was even more not sad. I love Rizzo. He is among my top two favorite muppets (the other is Big Mean Carl). I can quote all of Rizzo’s lines from The Muppet Christmas Carol. I also love food. Plus, Hollywood Studios was really in need of a non-boring, non-burger quickservice location.




PizzeRizzo still has the same bones as Pizza Planet, but the decor has been redone. The downstairs area where you enter and order is styled after the New York subway. The upstairs is themed like a mom-and-pop, hole-in-the-wall Italian-American restaurant complete with red and green checked tablecloths. There’s a large balcony that would be beautiful on temperate nights. My favorite space, though, has to be the Banquet Room on the 2nd floor: a pink, fabric draped ceiling; pink and gold chairs, a trellis with faux vines, a head table, moving lights, and the quintessential wedding play list. It reminds me of The Wedding Singer, and it’s the perfect representative of the late 80’s wedding reception. Truly a hilarious and unexpected touch.


Overall, the Muppet theming is subtle. Each trash can has a Rizzo quote, but you’ll have to pay close attention to the signage and wall art to see much Muppet. It’s kind of fun this way, like there’s a whole restaurant of funny little easter eggs to discover (look for the Dr. Teeth record or the faded nod to Emmet Otter on the Banquet Room marquee).

PizzeRizzo is large and has plenty of seating. When we visited on a Monday night, the downstairs area was fairly full but there were only a few families dining upstairs.


My pizza looked very similar to what was served at Pizza Planet – a personal-sized pizza – so my hopes were not high. I was pleasantly surprised, though! This pizza was much less dry and much more flavorful than what I remember from Pizza Planet. Is it the best pizza I’ve ever had? No, but it was still good. It reminded me a bit of a mini DiGiorno pizza – thick, puffy crust with a good bit of chewiness to it, plus tasty sauce (sauce is my favorite).


I had the pepperoni pizza ($9.99) and my husband had the meat lovers ($10.69 – pepperoni and meatball). Each pizza comes with a mini caesar salad. My salad was fresh, crisp, and tasty! Other menu options include salads and a meatball sub. You can take a peek at the full menu here, if you’d like.

PizzeRizzo also has beer and a Wild Berry-Basil Limoncello Lemonade, which I’m going to have to get my paws on next time!

In all, I enjoyed my PizzeRizzo experience and will definitely visit again when we’re looking for a quickservice meal at Hollywood Studios.

Have you been to PizzeRizzo? What did you think?

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