The final showing of Wishes Nighttime Spectacular is Thursday, May 11 at 9:00 PM.

Since Disney made the official announcement, the castle hub has been absolutely packed with guests trying to catch the show just one last time. This means CROWDS. For real, though: I haven’t even seen crowds like this during holiday madness or special events. 

To find calm in the chaos, I’ve compiled the following list of helpful hints:

1. Grab a spot early. On a Saturday evening in mid-April, the hub was already pretty full by 7:00 for a 9:00 show. We found a nice spot by 8:00 and by 8:50, our nice spot was packed full of people. Sardines would’ve been less tightly smooshed. My guess? It’ll only get busier leading up to the finale. 

2. Expect crowds. See above and below.

3. Be courteous. The people behind you don’t want to have to watch the entire show through the iPad you’re holding three feet into the air or through the back of the child you’ve placed on your shoulders. Also, if you’re arriving two minutes prior to showtime, please don’t ask the people who heeded point number one to give up their spots to accommodate your group. Similarly, if you arrived early, it’s not ok to refuse to let people pass through or to use your stroller as a blockade.

4. If you don’t want to deal with the crowds and aren’t too bothered about seeing Tinkerbell or the castle effects and lighting, you can totally watch the show from the Liberty Bell area in Liberty Square or near Gaston’s Tavern in New Fantasyland. You’ll still be able to see the fireworks and enjoy the music.

5. Stay longer if you can. Waves of people leave just after Wishes, and heaps more leave at park close. This makes for long lines for the ferry and the monorail, which is one of my biggest peeves with the Magic Kingdom. If you can make it work, stay longer. I like to hop in a short ride line a few minutes before closing time and then pop into The Emporium or The Confectionary on my way out. That way, by the time I’m exiting, lines are tamer. Note 1: I’m not advocating trying to be the very last people out of the park. Cast Members wanna go home too, and the late shifters can’t start their jobs until the park is empty. A decade working in hospitality will simply not allow me to do that to people. 😉 Note 2: if you’re staying on property and are not parked at the TTC, this process will be less of a headache – yay!

Do you plan to be present for Wishes’ last night? I’ll be there, though not without trepidation! We’ve got just over a week to practice our calming meditation, guys. Godspeed.

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