This post is inspired by the 2015 photo that popped up in my Facebook memories this morning. Originally shared on FB; posted here by request.

Santa Stitch

Meeting Santa Stitch was one of my favorite Christmas presents of ALL time. We had just moved here a few months prior, I was still looking for a job, and disposable income was not a thing we had. This was a moment I got to experience thanks to the kindness and effort of a few people, and I will remember it always. ❤️

And this year? So much has changed, but the spirit of people willing to be generous with their time and enthusiasm has not. I not only got to experience amazing hugs from Santa Stitch again, but Buzz Lightyear, Haley Comet, and all of the amazingly talented dancers from A Totally Tomorrowland Christmas came along as well. It was probably a normal day for them, but for me, it was overwhelmingly magical.

A Totally Tomorrowland Christmas CastFriends who have been spending 7 days a week making snow, perfecting lighting and music, making the sky sparkle, doing your best to keep guests safe and spirits high during this hectic time, making sure everyone’s holiday attire is gorgeously festive, dancing your heart out, and running around in a hot fur suit: thank you. You are adding magic to people’s lives. You don’t hear it enough, but what you do truly matters.

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